Drivers may have to take a second driving test in Ireland in the coming years!

The Minister Of Transport in Ireland has stated that he would be encouraged for current drivers to partake in a second driver’s test to ensure that they are up to date with the current rules of the road.

Currently, drivers only have to sit the test once once they renew their licence before it expires. But since, the country’s infrastructure has drastically changed it would be wise for drivers to update their knowledge with a refreshers course.

Ross in an interview with the Irish Times said that, “I think it is a real problem. Lots of people don’t keep up with the rules of the road and obviously don’t understand it. And there is no refresher test,”

Minister Ross will propose the new proposal the the cabinet in the coming days.

Feel The McLovin’ WIth Free Mcdonalds

Feeling hungry and loving at the same time? Good news if you love Big Macs – and you’re American!

The US branch of the iconic burger chain will launch a new campaign (starting on Superbowl Sunday) where random customers will be given the chance to pay for their meal by showing love, by calling a loved one, hugging their family member or dancing with Macca’s staff (ummm…that could be awkward).

There are a few catches – the free food is only handed out at certain times of day, and you have to do what they want, when they want – so no trying to kiss the person taking your order!

We’re INCREDIBLY affectionate and we love free stuff, so we’d be lying if we said we didn’t want this campaign to come to Ireland!